Celebrate 'Equal Pay Day', reduce Gender Pay Gap

Celebrate 'Equal Pay Day', reduce Gender Pay Gap

Celebrate 'Equal Pay Day', reduce Gender Pay Gap

"Deloitte estimates that the gender pay gap will be eradicated by the year 2069".

New figures released today show that the gender pay gap is actually worsening for women in their twenties for the first time in 6 years, meaning that some women are starting their careers worse off than their male colleagues. The Debrief has previously reported that the pay gap for younger women was in decline but these figures show this is no longer the case. However, overall, women still earn less than men and there is a definite gender pay gap in this country.

The group dubbed Friday Equal Pay Day - the day in the year when women start to work for free because of the difference in the pay of men and women.

Britain's progress in closing the gender pay gap has shuddered to a halt and women could be waiting 100 years for equal pay.


Where Is This "Pay Gap"?

More broadly, The Fawcett Society suggest a "divided" labour market is partly to blame - citing evidence that women make up 80% of care and leisure workers, but only 8% of skilled trade jobs, which are more highly paid.

With that in mind, the Women's Equality Party are encouraging women to set their out of office alert, reminding people that there is still a lot to be done to close the gender pay gap.

Asked to comment on language in the workplace following Minister of State John Halligan's question to a female official if she was married during a job interview, Ms Bacik said language would only change when there was a "critical mass" of women in positions of power. "A growing number of women are trapped in the lowest paid work".

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We have doubled funding to support businesses led by women. We know it widens throughout women's working lives, particularly driven by the unequal impact of caring roles, and becomes a whopping pensions gap of 40% in retirement.

What Can Be Done?

"Employers with 250 staff or more need to review their pay systems and publish their gender pay gaps, with a clear action plan in place to close it", she said. "We need to teach young men that it's ok to talk to women and not ok to objectify women".

The Fawcett Society said younger women as well as older female employees were now seeing their pay fall behind that of men, claiming that the drive to equalise pay is "going backwards".

Nicky Morgan, Conservative MP said "We've seen the best employers make ground breaking strides in tackling gender inequality".

This year, the gender pay gap has been front and centre of everyone's minds, particularly in the wake of the revelation that numerous BBC's woman presenters were paid less than their male colleagues.

'Equal pay is both a cause and outcome of gender inequality and it creates the context for other inequalities, such as violence against women and girls and unequal access to health, ' the WEP adds.

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