Corey Haim's Mom Denies Charlie Sheen Rape, Names Another Man As Abuser

Corey Haim's Mom Denies Charlie Sheen Rape, Names Another Man As Abuser

Corey Haim's Mom Denies Charlie Sheen Rape, Names Another Man As Abuser

In a report from The National Enquirer published Wednesday, Sheen - who revealed in 2015 that he is living with HIV - was 19 when he allegedly sexually assaulted 13-year-old Haim on set of the 1986 film Lucas, according to actor and Haim's close friend, Dominick Brascia.

A spokesperson for Sheen tells PEOPLE, "He absolutely denies the claim".

In the sneak peek of the upcoming episode of "The Dr. Oz Show", Judy opened up about the reports claiming that Sheen raped Corey.

Brascia also claimed that Haim again had sex with Sheen when the late actor was in his mid-to-late 20s.

"My son never mentioned Charlie, we never talked about Charlie", she tells the news outlet, revealing Haim would be stunned by the story is he was still alive: "If my son was here to hear all of this he would throw up". The full interview is scheduled to air on Friday, 10 November, but a snippet from the chat has made its way to Twitter.

"I have to tell you, that this guy (bleep) is the guy that abused my son", she says. My kid hid nothing, he was like. transparent.

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"I would have known if anything was wrong". He never hid anything, he was Corey.

'When my son was 13 he's not going to go and ask Charlie Sheen to go and sleep with him'.

Feldman, the other half of TV's "The Two Coreys" reality show, went on "The Dr. Oz Show" last week and identified a man he said was one of a number of men who abused him when he was a teen.

The publication even goes so far as to claim that Haim named Sheen as his abuser before he died of pneumonia in 2010. She said she walked into Brascia's apartment, where he had Haim pinned down, refusing to let him up until she threatened him with a pool stick. The former child star battled addiction throughout his life. In the book, Feldman said that Haim was sexually abused while making Lucas, saying, "an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys in the business to have sexual relations".

Corey Haim's mom denies the rape allegations against Charlie Sheen.

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