Oklahoma woman who married mother pleads guilty to incest

Oklahoma woman who married mother pleads guilty to incest

Oklahoma woman who married mother pleads guilty to incest

Investigators told KFOR that 43-year-old Patricia Spann lost custody of Misty, 26, and two other children when they were young.

But their marriage was brought to the attention of authorities during a child welfare investigation, according to the Associated Press.

After Misty was convinced, the pair married in March past year in Oklahoma.

Misty chose to take a plea deal, admitting to the relationship in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Two years of Misty's deferred sentence of 10 years must be under the supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, the outlet reports.

Patricia has pleaded not guilty to the charge, but has not yet appeared in court yet. Her case the court will consider in January next year.

This is not the first time she has married one of her children, officials said.

The DHS worker said Patricia Spann never reported that she had married her biological son in Comanche County in 2008.

He filed for an annulment 15 months later, citing "incest" as the reason, authorities said.

Their marriage was annulled last month after a judge declared that Patricia influenced her daughter "by fraud to enter the marriage".

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KOCO 5 reported Patricia's marriages to her children were "all ploys to manipulate state laws".

A woman has been found guilty of incest after marrying her mother.

"My grandmother looked at my brother and told him that was his mom", Cody recalled. Her probation is the type known as a deferred sentence.

"For you to want to put your own daughter through this, what kind of person are you?"

"If that's what you want that's on you, but none of us kids want that".

There's a scientific explanation for why couples like Patricia and Misty Spann get together, despite being related as mother and daughter.

Under Oklahoma law, marrying a close relative is considered incest whether or not the relationship is sexual.

The term GSA was coined 30 years ago by American Barbara Gonyo. Was she an adult?

Experts believe that this effect evolved to prevent inbreeding.

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