Spanish court orders release on bail for Catalan parliament speaker - court source

Spanish court orders release on bail for Catalan parliament speaker - court source

Spanish court orders release on bail for Catalan parliament speaker - court source

Ex-speaker of the Catalonia parliament Carme Forcadell, front right, arrives at the Spain's Supreme Court in Madrid, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. The party is different from Latvia's pro-Moscow social democratic party Harmony.

The crimes under investigation of Catalan lawmakers are punishable under Spanish law with up to 30 years in prison.

Carme Forcadell appeared in the Supreme Court in Madrid on Thursday to answer charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds, after she enabled a declaration of independence by the Catalan parliament in late October that prompted the Spanish government to take control of the region.

A top Catalan independence leader left jail on Friday after posting bond.

Forcadell and the lawmakers were summoned last week to the Supreme Court, which handles the cases of people who enjoy parliamentary immunity, but it gave them another week to prepare their defenses.

"Authorities are continuing to investigate her role in Catalonia's banned independence drive, and the court confiscated her passport and ordered her to report to authorities once a week".

She was released on bail of 150,000 euros after agreeing to renounce any political activity that went against the Spanish constitution, according to the court's ruling.

The judge jailed Forcadell and four other parliament members Thursday but set bail after they agreed to either renounce future political activity or do it within the constitutional framework.

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Spanish government spokesperson Inigo Mendez de Vigo said the lawmakers' commitment to the judge indicated that a "return of constitutional order (in Catalonia) is starting to become a reality".

One other government official was released without having to pay bail.

Four other lawmakers would also be released on 25,000-euro bail, while a fifth would be freed on certain conditions without bail, the source said.

The High Court has issued an arrest warrant on rebellion charges for ex-President Puigdemont and four other former members of his cabinet who are with him in Brussels.

Ms. Forcadell earlier told the Supreme Court that the declaration was not legally binding, according to court sources, in a comment that could undermine the secessionist push.

Forcadell left the Alcala Meco prison outside Madrid after the Supreme Court said in a statement it had received her bail payment. She is expected to be released Friday after bail is deposited.

Forcadell was one of the key figures in the push for independence in Catalunya and read the group's declaration of independence from Spain on October 27 in Barcelona.

Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis told Cope radio it "remains to be seen" if she will keep her word, adding that if she doesn't, he expected the judge to review the release decision.

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