Israel downs Syrian spy drone over Golan

Israel downs Syrian spy drone over Golan

Israel downs Syrian spy drone over Golan

Israel shot down a Syrian spy drone over the Golan Heights on Saturday, the Israeli military said.

The military confirmed that the unmanned aerial vehicle was not an attack drone, and that it would investigate whether the drone had ties to Iran or Hezbollah.

As per the conditions of the military coordination between Israel and Russia, the IDF apparently contacted Russian headquarters before launching its Patriot defense system.

"The State of Israel views with great severity any violation of sovereignty and will respond with force to any provocation", said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman in response to the incident.

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The missile was launched from a Patriot battery located in the city Safed in the Upper Galilee.

Two months ago, the IDF fired a Patriot missile after a drone was nearing Israel's airspace in the same area. "We see the Syrian regime as responsible for any violation of Israel's sovereignty". Several drones were shot down over the Golan Heights earlier, some of which were manufactured in Iran and used by Hezbollah, RIA Novosti reported.

For its part, Russian Federation has set up a military hotline to prevent warplanes or anti-aircraft units clashing accidentally over Syria.

Last month, Israel struck three Syrian artillery cannons after errant rocket fire landed in the Israeli Golan Heights.

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