Major lapses found in Pradyuman murder investigation, CBI arrests Class 11 boy

Major lapses found in Pradyuman murder investigation, CBI arrests Class 11 boy

Major lapses found in Pradyuman murder investigation, CBI arrests Class 11 boy

The CBI probe into the Ryan International school student murder case has brought back memories of the twists in the early stages of the investigation into the murder of Noida teenager Aarushi Talwar.

The disclosure has raised a series of worrying questions that the Gurugram police's probe has failed to clarify.

On September 8, Pradyuman, a Class 2 student, was found with his throat slashed some 15 minutes after he and his older sister were dropped off by their father in the morning. The police had rested its case on weak grounds, said experts close to the investigation.Another major gap in the investigation was the failure of the police to get judicial confession and the force's reliance on what the accused had admitted in public or in custody."The confession on which police was relying is not admissible in a court of law".

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is probing the role of the second student in the murder of Pradyuman Thakur murder case, said sources on Friday. TV report also claimed the Class XI boy confessed to the crime. According to the investigation agency, the boy wanted to defer an exam on the day of the murder and postpone a parent-teacher meeting (PTM). "The CCTV footage shows the suspected student pushing Pradyuman towards the washroom", a CBI source said.

The CBI official told TOI that the 16-year-old accused had confessed before his father, an independent witness and the welfare officer of the CBI. He allegedly told a teacher that he saw Pradyuman "vomiting blood". When Pradyuman resisted, he slit his throat.

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The police had claimed that the knife they recovered was a part of the bus toolkit. A forensic team that had visited the spot where Pradyuman had found a knife from a commode in the toilet. What has now emerged is that the police may have planted a knife in order to implicate Kumar in the case. However, when the case was transferred to the CBI, there was only one knife that was given to the agency as "recovered weapon". The bus driver, however, maintained that there was no knife in the box. "He was beaten up and forced to confess", Kumar's wife claimed. Since both can not be right, unless there's collusion, the CBI's investigations and findings seem to completely debunk the Haryana Police's now patently bogus claims.

The CBI questioned Kumar several times but found nothing against him, sources said.

The new turn of events has actually put forth more questions than presenting a neat denouement of cause and effect, motive and murder.

But one of their own students carrying a knife into the school and perhaps also murdering a younger student would tear apart the mighty edifice of good education that private schools promise after a hefty fee, when education is turned into a commercial service between a client and a business entity. However, the CBI did not find any evidence against him and gave him a clean chit.

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