$130 billion isn't enough for Broadcom to take over Qualcomm

$130 billion isn't enough for Broadcom to take over Qualcomm

$130 billion isn't enough for Broadcom to take over Qualcomm

It also could set the stage for a possibly drawn-out struggle for control of the Qualcomm board.

Qualcomm said that, after a comprehensive review of the offer, its board unanimously concluded that the $70-a-share proposition "significantly undervalues" the chipmaker giant. The nomination deadline is December 8.

In an email, a Qualcomm spokesperson said the company "won't have any comment beyond this statement". Does it leave Qualcomm be or does it come back with an even larger and more tempting offer?

Qualcomm's stock climbed 1.2% in premarket trading, while Broadcom declined 0.6%.

Broadcom makes chips for wired broadband communications, including modems, Wi-Fi, switches and routers. Regulators could balk at the concentration of power in the combination, analysts said. If Qualcomm had approved the deal, the combined company would have created major changes in the chipmaking industry.

The bid takes advantage of Qualcomm's weakened position after a year marred by conflicts with Apple Inc. over its patent royalty fees and global regulators alleging anticompetitive business practices.

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Qualcomm delivers chips to carrier networks to provide broadband and mobile data.

On Monday, Qualcomm's (qcom) shares were up to nearly $66, though still below the $70 bid. Qualcomm and Apple have been embroiled in a court dispute over royalties.

On the other hand, Hock Tan, Broadcom CEO who said earlier this month he would revive his company's presence in the United States from Singapore, said he is open to initiating a takeover battle. The proposed transaction was valued at approximately $130 billion.

"No company is better positioned in mobile, IoT (internet of things), automotive, edge computing and networking within the semiconductor industry", he said.

Closing the deal, though, has its own challenges. "With a more extensive item broadening and a more noteworthy scale, the joined endeavor will be in the position to offer all the more mechanically propelled semiconductor answers for the organization's worldwide customers and lift investor esteem", he included. The deal awaits approval in China as well.

Qualcomm has a message for its prospective buyer: Sorry, but we're worth more than you think.

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