IPhone X Face ID bypassed within a week

IPhone X Face ID bypassed within a week

IPhone X Face ID bypassed within a week

But it seems, the Face ID tech isn't as fool-proof as one might assume after listening to Apple. Majority have failed despite spending tons of time and resources.

Vietnamese security firm Bkav claims to have broken Face ID (although it's yet to be confirmed by other security firms) with a simple mask. Plenty of people have raised questions about the video's authenticity since it came to light, and Bkav has tried to answer some of them in a blog post.

The Bkav researchers say they were able to crack Face ID with a cheap mix of materials, 3D printing rather than face-casting, and perhaps most surprisingly, fixed, two-dimensional printed eyes.

Now, in all fairness this is also a hacking proof-of-concept that, for now, shouldn't alarm the average iPhone owner.

In this hack, a detailed scan was required of the individuals face in order to 3D print the mask. As soon as the cloth is removed from the mask, the phone unlocks. The researchers haven't yet revealed much about their process, or the testing that led them to that technique, which may prompt some skepticism. Security researcher Marc Rogers told Wired that Bkav didn't mention how they registered the phone and trained on the owner's real face. According to Rogers, the Bkav staff could have potentially "weakened" the phone's digital model by training it on the original victim's face with some features obscured.

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Should you worry that your iPhone X could be unlocked so easily?

So should you be anxious?

The company released a video, in which a company staff member pulls off a cloth from a face mask which is placed in front of the iPhone X. The phone instantly unlocks when the mask is placed in front of it. There's a one in a million chance that there's a random person, somewhere in the world, who can unlock your phone with their face.

'We saw a lot on social media about whether it was possible to use someone's sleeping face to open their iPhone X so we put it to the test. "Exploitation is hard for normal users, but simple for professional ones". What they didn't disclose was how many attempts and what level of effort it took to get the mask to work flawlessly. The facial recognition is also disabled if the iPhone X hasn't been unlocked for more than two days. Apple's facial recognition begins with the opening assumption that the user gazing at the screen is likely to be the correct user.

- Bkav has promised to share more details later this week; some details are available here. The company even went as far as working with Hollywood mask-makers to train the biometric against falling for props. In about a year, the iPhone X will be able to do things it can't do right now.

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