GameStop Delays Unlimited Game Rental Service Before Launch

GameStop Delays Unlimited Game Rental Service Before Launch

GameStop Delays Unlimited Game Rental Service Before Launch

Essentially, you could use GameStop as a type of pre-owned video game library. The plan mostly went live this week, but things have changed.

However, GameStop has since instructed store employees to remove all signage relating to the program, which has drawn considerable interest from the gaming community.

That means any in-store advertisements for PowerPass have been removed and put in storage until further notice.

A couple of weeks ago, game retailer GameStop soft-launched its new subscription-based game lending program, PowerPass. The company said in a statement that it has identified some limitations to the service so has halted the service. The company hasn't confirmed that claim, however.

Another source told Kotaku GameStop employees were told to replace the weekly ad and discard the current holiday guide, which is a good indication PowerPass isn't coming back before the end of the year.

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GameStop hasn't said when it will revive the program.

If you already have signed up for PowerPass, a GameStop spokersperson told Kotaku that you can bring your pass and rented video game in for a full refund, and you'll be allowed to select a free used game. For $60 (which covered six months of the service), players could check out pre-owned GameStop games indefinitely.

It's understandable for a new program to experience hiccups as it approaches its launch - that's what soft launches are for, after all.

GameStop's all-you-can-eat subscription to used games has been suspended, apparently over concerns with how the aging computer systems in the company's 7,000 stores can handle and track checkouts. There's no timing yet for the rental program's return, but it doesn't sound like GameStop has any intention of making the temporary hold more permanent.

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