India, US, Japan, Australia hold first quad talks on Indo-Pacific cooperation

India, US, Japan, Australia hold first quad talks on Indo-Pacific cooperation

India, US, Japan, Australia hold first quad talks on Indo-Pacific cooperation

Explaining its rationale, the article pointed out that though Australia always held an ambiguous attitude toward China and the United States, it hopes to expand its influence in the Indo-Pacific region by utilizing the protection of the United States but is also reluctant to give up the enormous economic interests of trading with China. The meeting was held a day before the ASEAN Summit.

China says it is simply a development project for common prosperity that any country is welcome to join.

US President Donald Trump on Monday sought Southeast Asia's support for his Indo-Pacific Dream in the region, calling for trade arrangements based on "fairness and reciprocity".

'Indo-Pacific': containment ploy or new label for region beyond China's backyard?

Separately, Trump had a joint meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan to discuss "a free and open Indo-Pacific region".

In addition, the meeting also discussed the "common challenges of terrorism and proliferation linkages impacting the region", according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

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"I also feel that these relations between India and the United States, they are not just for our mutual interests, but they go much beyond that", he said in Hindi speaking through an interpreter. "We talk about "Indo- Pacific" in part because that phrase captures the importance of India's rise".

It followed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's declaration that India would have an important strategic role as one of the democratic anchors of security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region that would also embrace Japan and Australia. While the usa and Japan seem to agree on how to deal with China, India and Australia appear less certain.

Sowing geopolitical confusion is a hallmark of US President Donald Trump's administration. The US president's "America First" policy, which led to him pulling his country out of Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership, has created confusion about his regional intentions. "The development of Any country, any region should correspond with the trend of the times and trend of the world", he said.

"But we hope that plans and positions can accord with and conform to this trend, can suit the general trend of events in the world, and that the relevant plans and positions are open and inclusive, benefiting the promotion of win-win cooperation by all sides, and avoid politicized or exclusionary arrangements".

To another question whether China sees any difference and contradiction between the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific, Geng said "I think you are quite interested in the concept".

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