Joe Biden Says This Was the Turning Point for Trump on Colbert

Joe Biden Says This Was the Turning Point for Trump on Colbert

Joe Biden Says This Was the Turning Point for Trump on Colbert

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he vowed to give President Donald Trump an "even shot" after the election, but the president's response to the deadly rally in Charlottesville forced him to change his perspective.

He describes a private lunch where Obama called the presidency "the most confining thing in the world" and said he was looking forward to leaving politics, adding: "Joe, have you focused on that?"

Addressing the crowd, Biden spoke of the Trump administration as a threat to the stability of the republic. "How many are now anxious about this new phony nationalism and it's "us against them"?" "I'm not gonna ask", said Colbert, before immediately asking Biden if he planned to run in 2020.

Biden added, "It goes beyond President Trump, in my view", and he lamented Hillary Clinton's election loss. Look, but for 74,500 votes or thereabouts, we wouldn't be having this conversation. "We'll see where it goes", he said, referring to his son who died of brain cancer in 2015. We finally are recognizing the long-term impacts on the health of women and men who've been abused. "She would have been somebody who would, in fact, weave that fabric".

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Biden makes clear he would have run his presidential pitch around protecting the middle classes and believes he would have stood a better chance of defeating Trump. "We're in a battle for the soul of the country". "I thought the silence was deafening", he said.

"I couldn't remain silent anymore". "It's not just the president, it's all that surrounds this and [former White House Chief Strategist Steve] Bannon and the alt-right I find to be reprehensible".

Biden, who stopped by the show while on a press tour for his new book "Promise Me, Dad", refused to say if he would consider running for president in 2020.

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