OnePlus phones sold with root exploit backdoor

OnePlus phones sold with root exploit backdoor

OnePlus phones sold with root exploit backdoor

Some digging into the deep system apps on OnePlus phones has resulted in the exposure of the vulnerability that OnePlus devices possess.

According to mobile security researcher Robert Baptiste-otherwise known by the pseudonym Elliot Alderson, a reference to the main character in the television series "Mr. Robot"-smartphones from OnePlus have for years contained a hidden backdoor that would allow root access to the device". Now, another potential threat has arisen on OnePlus devices as an app on several of the company's phones has been revealed to carry root access.

In a Twitter thread, the developer explained how he was able to gain root access and surprisingly, the app has been pre-installed on all current OnePlus phones, and on OxygenOS for OnePlus One.

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While the exposed diagnostics app itself is a security risk, the real danger is that another exploit or malicious app could be used in combination with the toolkit to both achieve root access and then install further malware on a targeted device. With root access, an attacker could change just about anything about the device's software. If it was overlooked, it is likely the upcoming 5T would have it also, which would necessitate removing the app before the device ships on November 16. The staff member reassured users by saying that third-party apps can't gain full root privileges from EngineerMode. But on the other hand, we do hope that OnePlus patches this as well, because it is provides a legitimate backdoor to OnePlus 3, 3T, and OnePlus 5 devices. The company claimed the data was simply for performance analytics but agreed to scale back what it collected.

Dubbed "EngineerMode" the tool has been designed as an easy way for phone makers to test the hardware on their devices. From there, just search for Engineer Mode to see if it is installed.

The discoverer of the app had a problem.

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