Apple's iMac Pro to Pack A10 Fusion Chip with "Hey Siri" Support

Apple's iMac Pro to Pack A10 Fusion Chip with

Apple's iMac Pro to Pack A10 Fusion Chip with "Hey Siri" Support

It's vastly more powerful than the dedicated T310 that Apple uses in the MacBook Pro family, and that means Apple could be bringing several new features to the iMac, like always-on audio processing and Siri integration.

We still have yet to hear confirmation on whether this feature will be shipping in the iMac Pro, but Apple should begin confirming things relatively soon since December is just a matter of days away. The sources of numerous pre-release insights are Apple focussed developers such as Steve Troughton-Smith, Jonathan Levin, and Guilherme Rambo with good track records of finding out about Apple releases ahead of launch.

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It's not something that will likely change how you use your computer too much, like the addition of "Hey, Siri" support will, but it's a move toward Apple experimenting with an increased level of control over its software going forward. Moreover, Troughton-Smith posted some key details regarding the ARM-based chip via Twitter. It also appears that it will allow the iMac Pro to accept the voice command "Hey Siri" rather than requiring the click in macOS on the Siri icon or keystroke to prompt Siri. The inclusion of the chip - the same one used in the iPhone 7 - has led to speculation that "Hey, Siri" support could be making its way to macOS.

According to 9to5Mac, some developers have found leaked screenshots within Apple's AppKit that indicate always-on "Hey, Siri" functionality is coming to the iMac Pro. This is a bit different than what we've seen with the T10 chip that helps run the Touch Bar on some current MacBook models. Intel's processors will handle the the operating system and apps while Apple's processor will handle specialized tasks. A firm release date is yet to be set, but Apple has stated that the product will arrive by the end of the year.

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