Massive new orders show dog owners live longer

Massive new orders show dog owners live longer

Massive new orders show dog owners live longer

"The findings of the largest-ever investigation of the association between dog-ownership and human health should encourage all of us to add a four-legged friend in our family circle", she said.

In the name of health, researchers have discovered that owning a dog has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Researchers from Uppsala University have released the results of a 12-year study that followed over 3.4 million Swedish adults, looking at their heart health and risks for heart disease.

Fall said while the link between dog ownership and lower heart heart disease was clear, how dogs helped our hearts was less so.

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A massive scientific study shows having a dog could mean you have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, the world's leading cause of death. Single dog owners showed a 33% decrease in risk of death compared to single people who did not own a dog, said a statement by lead junior author of the study Mwenya Mubanga, a Ph.D. student at Uppsala University. At the beginning of the study, none of them had been diagnosed with heart disease. And there are also factors that could influence the results, such as people who are already more active being more likely to get a dog (especially a hunting dog, which requires lots of exercise).

Well, they for sure pick up more shit than those who don't. "This may be more prominent in dog owners who benefit from the companionship, unconditional love and support". The study concludes that owning a canine pet may prevent cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions by increasing the dog owner's social contact and well-being. But the authors of the study attempted to clarify the reasons further.

"We know that dog owners in general have a higher level of physical activity, which could be one explanation to the observed results", said Fall. There is some inherent quality that a dog has that tears at your heart when it looks at you with puppy eyes and the wagging tail.

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