Massive Splatoon 2 Update Will Include New Maps, Game Modes, Clothing

Massive Splatoon 2 Update Will Include New Maps, Game Modes, Clothing

Massive Splatoon 2 Update Will Include New Maps, Game Modes, Clothing

Nintendo aren't holding back with their year-ending content updates for Splatoon 2, with tons and tons of content being added to the game over the next month, with the bulk of it landing this Friday, and ending with a brand new game mode in mid-December.

What's Coming in the First Splatoon 2 Update on November 24?

New Gear: Approximately 140 pieces of gear are being added.

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The update will also allow players to change gear between battles in Regular, Ranked, and Splatfast Battles, and the level cap is also getting bumped up to 99. The ability to modify your load out between matches is being enabled so that you won't have to exit to the game's lobby between each bout.

The first new stage will be MakoMart, a giant superstore-style stage that will fittingly be released on Black Friday, Nov 24. This update includes four new battle stages - Mako Mart, Arowana Mall, Shellendorf Institute, and Walleye Warehouse. The new Salmon Run stage is a welcome addition as well, undoubtedly one of the most fun aspects of Splatoon 2 in general. According to the post (and accompanying video that we've included below), as of this Friday, Splatoon 2 will receive a range of new content both cosmetic and gameplay-related. The new battle music will come from punk-rock Bottom Feeders and classically trained Ink Theory. Nothing else is known about the second update thus far.

Those familiar with the original Splatoon will recognize the last two on the list as returning areas. The hairstyles, one of which is pictured above, feature two new styles for female characters and two more for males. This adds Clam Blitz to the game mode rotation, requiring players to pick up clams scattered around the stage. This mode involves picking up clams around the stage and trying to throw them into an opponents basket. The first team to 100 points wins the Clam Blitz. New content will be rolled out in two phases, with the first phase coming later this week. The baskets are protected by a barrier which needs to be destroyed, with the key to doing this being to collect 10 clams which turns into a Power Clam that can be used to destroy the barrier. Also, if you splat your opponent's clams, you can steal them for your own.

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