Democrats Line Up to Pile on Bill Clinton

Democrats Line Up to Pile on Bill Clinton

Democrats Line Up to Pile on Bill Clinton

According to Daily Mail, the former president allegedly assaulted the women in early 2000s. The women were reportedly Burkle employees at the time.

The attorneys of the women are coordinating their attack but are planning to file four different lawsuits against Clinton.

Philippe Reines, a longtime Hillary Clinton aide, slammed the "hypocrite" Gillibrand, who "took the Clintons' endorsements, money, and seat" only to denounce the former president.

A representative from Clinton's legal team has confirmed the existence of new allegations.

However, the incidents at hand are attributed to the period after Clinton left the White House.

Clinton was flying around the world in Burkle's private jet "Air F**k One" and these four women were low-level staff at the Burkle organisation at this time.

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Democratic New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand said that Clinton should have resigned after his sexual relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in 1998.

"Bill is distraught at the thought of having to testify and defend himself against sex charges again". "He hopes his legal team can somehow stop the women from filing charges and drag him through the mud".

An MSNBC co-host slammed Hillary Clinton on Friday for lashing out at Donald Trump over sexual misconduct claims while her husband Bill was never held accountable for his own.

However, the not-so-pleasant part for these women is the fact that the worldwide press is now writing that they have requested money in exchange for their silence.

"Kirsten Gillibrand's comment about Bill Clinton I think is an quake in the Democratic Party, because the Wall Street-Clinton junta that controls the Democratic Party has really been bulletproof", Bannon told John Catsimatidis on AM970's "The Answer" in an interview that aired Sunday. It was pushed under the rug, and even women defended him.

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