Irish government on verge of collapse

Irish government on verge of collapse

Irish government on verge of collapse

Failing that, the European Union leaders will refuse at their next summit on December 14-15 to unlock the next phase of the Brexit negotiations, which are supposed to cover a future trade deal and a transitional arrangement after Britain leaves the European Union in March 2019.

Fianna Fail initially indicated it might withdraw its threat of a motion of no confidence if Fitzgerald resigned.

Fianna Fail, the country's main opposition party, is set to table a motion of no confidence in the deputy prime minister Frances Fitzgerald - from the minority Fine Gael government - over her handling of a police whistleblower controversy when she was justice minister.

The EU has demanded sufficient progress on key divorce issues - including the Irish border - before allowing Brexit talks to move on to discussions about future trade.

Theresa May has held talks over a potential referral system for Europeans that stay in Britain after we leave the EU.

Coveney told parliament on Thursday that the government was not yet ready to allow the talks to move on to the trade issues at the December 14-15 summit and needed more clarity from London.

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A senior party member said Fitzgerald would have to resign to defuse the crisis, but said there was time for talks between the two party leaders before Tuesday.

"We need to see progress from United Kingdom within 10 days on all issues, including on Ireland".

Asked if she feared the Irish government holding out until they receive more clarity on the border, Mrs Foster added: I think it would be very wrong if they exercised their veto.

The Irish government is on the verge of collapse after the party whose votes Prime Minister Leo Varadkar depends on to pass legislation said it would move to remove the deputy prime minister in a breach of their co-operation agreement.

A breakdown of the deal, which has worked relatively smoothly up until now, would likely lead to an election in December or January.

Fianna Fail props up the minority government, and the prospect of a snap election looms if it removes its support. Fine Gael say she adhered to due process. His treatment by the authorities led in2014 to the resignations of the then police commissioner and justice minister.

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