Microsoft and SAP announce partnership to use each other's tech internally

Microsoft and SAP announce partnership to use each other's tech internally

Microsoft and SAP announce partnership to use each other's tech internally

Organizations now can move their SAP licenses to Microsoft Azure, according to Microsoft's FAQ.

Thes announcement expands on a previous agreement between Microsoft and SAP about 18 months ago that allowed Microsoft to integrate its Office 365 suite into SAP.

HPE is also rebranding and making enhancements to HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, a market leading infrastructure consumption service.

SAP execs said they'd be moving more than a dozen "key internal business critical systems" to Azure. Using Azure infrastructure to run SAP's solutions entails paying for Azure virtual machine time and any other Azure services used. Starting soon, Microsoft will be using the new SAP S/4HANA platform in a secure and managed cloud, in part, to transform the company's internal financing systems, AI analytics and a few other business-critical applications.

Microsoft and SAP SE announced integrated offerings to provide enterprise customers with a clear road map to confidently drive more business innovation in the cloud.

The company will also enter in Cloud space with ICONIQ, a Chinese electric vehicle company.

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Perhaps, as a show of good faith or a bit of dogfooding, both SAP and Microsoft Azure will internally fuse their respective solutions, the result should be the better guidance of reps when presenting architecture integration and deployment options for both SAP and Azure solutions. "Microsoft and SAP both benefit because they have an overlap of enterprise customers", said Puranik in an email remarks sent to eWEEK. "While most cloud vendors offer single server migration capabilities, "Azure Migrate" helps you through the journey of migrating an entire multi-server application", the post read.

And this year SAP said that its customers could run its software on AWS, as well as Azure and Google's Cloud Platform in preview.

"The strategic partnership announced between Microsoft and SAP is an extremely important development for the Coca-Cola System", said Barry Simpson, senior vice president and chief information officer at The Coca-Cola Company.

Over the past several years, Microsoft and SAP have made lots of partnership commitments.

Microsoft has agreed to deploy SAP S/4HANA on Azure for its own internal financial management needs, a move that will help the company move on from its legacy SAP finance applications.

A deeper partnership with SAP could open a new path for big corporate customers to use Azure, according to industry analysts.

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