Even YouTube is launching its own Snapchat 'Stories' clone

Even YouTube is launching its own Snapchat 'Stories' clone

Even YouTube is launching its own Snapchat 'Stories' clone

After Snapchat, Instagram, and Skype, Google has joined the ongoing trend of Stories by bringing Reels to YouTube. Reels will appear in a dedicated tab on the YouTube channel. The online report also points out that each of the videos on Reels will have a playtime of up to 30 seconds - with features such as filters, music, and text among others.

YouTube's Community tab is now available to creators with over 10,000 subscribers, and they can communicate with fans using quick vertical videos.

Moreover, as Stories disappeared after 24 hours, Reels does not have any expiry date or time.

Roy Livne, senior product manager at YouTube, said in the blog post that the company plans to expand the feature after experimenting with the new format among a limited group of creators.

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YouTube's team is also adding features such as linking to YouTube videos and YouTube-y stickers to enhance the community-centric experience on the video streaming site. Community features, which are now available to channels with more than 10,000 subscribers, let creators share pictures, text, GIFs, polls and other content with their audiences.

YouTube did not say when Reels will arrive in beta form. "We learned that you want the flexibility to create multiple Reels and have them not expire, so we'll give you those options", notes the blog post. YouTube Reels was first spotted in May 2017 but no details were revealed then. Reels is now in beta mode and the final product is expected to launch soon, but after proper experimentation.

The video sharing platform has also added a new feature that allows YouTube users to view Community posts by a particular content creator in their Home feed even if they have not subscribed to that creator.

According to TechCrunch, Reels will be given their own tab in the YouTube mobile app. Notifications are also optimized so that users will not be spammed with every update.

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