Supermoon to Light Up the Sky for the First Time in 2017

Supermoon to Light Up the Sky for the First Time in 2017

Supermoon to Light Up the Sky for the First Time in 2017

Last year, the moon was the closest its been since 1948.

If you miss the moon the day of, you can continue to enjoy a larger-than-average moon for the following few days.

The term has been around since 1979 and it describes a moment when the moon is closest to the Earth. Some supermoons can appear about 14 percent fuller than regular full moons. However, on Sunday night, the moon will still shine 16% brighter and appear 7% larger than its usual size.

The perigee for this supermoon isn't the closest of the year; that happened on May 25, when the moon was 221,958 miles away from Earth.

A supermoon occurs when the sun, moon and Earth align, and a full or new moon aligns with the sun's lunar orb.

Where can I see the supermoon?

Unlike the total solar eclipse, there are no risks of going blind if you stare directly into the moonlight, which is technically a reflection of the sun's light.

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When a full moon occurs near or during a perigee, it's called a Supermoon.

In New York City, it will rise on Sunday at 4:59 p.m. local time and set on Monday morning at 7:50 a.m. (Find your local time here.) The best time for viewing is right around moonrise and moonset, when it is sitting on the horizon.

Guess what: It's supermoon time! At this time, the moon also appears both bigger and brighter than it actually is. Because it is the second full moon in one month, that January 31 moon will be known as a blue moon.

But for those who can't wake up that early, the moon will still look bigger - and brighter - throughout the night.

What's the best way to photograph the supermoon?

"Tap the screen and hold your finger on the object (in this case, the moon) to lock the focus". Especially if you get something in the foreground when taking photos.

This supermoon won't be quite as special as last year's.

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