Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert Reenact 'Titanic' Ending

Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert Reenact 'Titanic' Ending

Kate Winslet, Stephen Colbert Reenact 'Titanic' Ending

Winslet told Colbert. "Never said that in public before!"

Despite DiCaprio's Jack Dawson being shown sketching a nude picture of the actress in the film, Winslet revealed that it was actually the film's director, James Cameron, who was the artist behind the sketch.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Winslet's star turn and one of the most popular romantic dramas to hit the silver screen, Colbert asked her a bunch of questions about the film that covered everything from her hypothermia to which scene her son hasn't seen to Céline Dion. On the one hand, Jack might have survived to live into old age with Rose, but on the other, we might have had to deal with a Titanic sequel. Colbert quizzes her and says, "In the famous line, you say, 'I'll never let you go, Jack". "Maybe no one knows that until this moment right now", Winslet said.

The pair sprung from their seats and took their respective positions in the scene, with Winslet using Colbert's desk as the door she was floating on in the 1997 blockbuster.

And to prove just how simple it would have been, they reenacted the scene then and there.

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But she added, "He should have just tried harder to get on that door".

Secondly: Let Winslet's howl of triumph serve as further confirmation that, yes, we all wanted this to be the ending of Titanic.

Jack and Rose get a do-over on "The Late Show".

I love how game Kate is for anything and everything, and how much pure fun these two had together; she even got into the fake shivering. "And I personally think that there was plenty of room on there!"

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