Caught on camera: Amazon contractor poops in gutter

Caught on camera: Amazon contractor poops in gutter

Caught on camera: Amazon contractor poops in gutter

Initially, he thought that a dog might have pooped, but when he checked the surveillance camera footage, he found out that the unidentified woman had pooped, Bautista told Fox News on Friday.

Amazon also assured customers that despite what happened, majority of its packages are being delivered without problems this holiday season.

A South Sacramento homeowner, Nemy Bautista, captured the moment on camera showing a delivery driver pooping in a gutter on the street Tuesday afternoon.

Bautista complained on Amazon's corporate Facebook page that the driver left an unwanted present in front of his house.

Nemy Bautista said he shocked at the "disturbing" incident outside his house in Sacremento County which he managed to capture on his home security system. She was seen pulling her trousers and running to the driver's seat to drive away. "Let me give you a hint ... he/she is not tying their shoes". "I have it on video", Bautista wrote.

"The delivery company supervisor came out in his personal auto and was not prepared for cleanup", Bautista posted on Facebook, according to KCRA.

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Amazon responded to his comment, asking Bautista to send his contact information over so it can "take a closer look at the issue".

And when a supervisor for the delivery person arrived at his house, Bautista said he wasn't prepared for the stinky package.

"I wanted Amazon to come clean it up", Bautista said, adding he missed the delivery by minutes.

An Amazon spokesperson has now apologised, saying: 'This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers.

A representative with Amazon was "shocked" and profusely apologised for the second incident.

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