Bigg Boss 11: Will Bandgi leave Puneesh tonight?

Bigg Boss 11: Will Bandgi leave Puneesh tonight?

Bigg Boss 11: Will Bandgi leave Puneesh tonight?

For all Bigg Boss fans and viewers, it is obviously curious to know which inmate is all set to evict from the show tonight! The popular reality show had Puneesh Sharma, Bandgi Kalra and Luv Tyagi fighting to save their position in the house.

When Salman Khan revealed that both Puneesh and Bandagi have the option of walking out together or save one of them from eviction, emotional and heartbroken, the two decide to exit together.

Bandgi's elimination is not shocking because she was considered to be the least poplar among the contestants in the house now, and had done things that were not acceptable for the audiences. The recent Weekend Ka Var was also full of drama and entertainment. I am taking back a lot of memories with me. There is nothing against anyone. The two had started arguing even before they entered the Bigg Boss house. Priyank also gives up on hopes and votes for Vikas.

The main reason for Sapna to be a part of the show, where commoners and celebrities are locked inside a house and she was agreed to be locked in the house with them only to break the stereotype thought of India against dancers.

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After being evicted from the house, Bandagi said, "It was an unbelievable experience for me and I can not believe I had to leave at this juncture".

Bigg Boss like always will ask all the contestants in the house to mutually agree, and nominate 3 members in the house who have been the worst performers last week.

While the fight to survive was quite intense, it was Bandgi Kalra who was eliminated from the show.

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