Diaspora in shock over death of Lowell Hawthorne

Diaspora in shock over death of Lowell Hawthorne

Diaspora in shock over death of Lowell Hawthorne

Several Jamaicans have expressed the feeling of shock at the death of Lowell Hawthorne, Co-Founder and CEO of popular global Jamaican bakery and restaurant, Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill.

Today, Golden Krust has 120 locations in nine different states and sells products in the frozen food aisle of large grocery store chains.

"Look how far he reached". But the company had already won the support of the Rockland Industrial Development Agency, which negotiated more than $1.2 million in tax incentives to lure Golden Krust north.

Before he founded Golden Krust - which was inspired by his father's baker in Jamaica - Hawthorne briefly worked as an accountant for the NYPD. "He's the kind of guy you want to work for for that long".

Hawthorne employed dozens of relatives at the business he started in 1989, and the source said he left a note in which he apologized to his family.

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"[It's] very, very sad because we were packing the goodie bags [for the gala] with the Golden Krust buns and newsletter when I got the call". He takes care of his employees.

Golden Krust became the first Caribbean-owned business in the U.S.to be granted a franchise license, says it website.

The suicide of a successful local entrepreneur is causing shock and sadness both in NY and his native Jamaica. The first Golden Krust, located across from a Bronx subway stop, was funded with money his siblings raised by taking second mortgages out on their homes. He wrote an autobiography called "The Baker's Son", chronicling his life in the Caribbean and his success in NY. Like many transplanted Caribbean nationals, I struggled to work and raise a family. "I can only thank God for everything I have achieved.If my story here can inspire others to rise up and give it a go, I would have accomplished something meaningful".

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. tweeted, "Lowell Hawthorne was a good friend, and was always ready to help my office whenever we needed him".

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