John Cena Posts A Photo On Instagram In Response To Ford Lawsuit

John Cena Posts A Photo On Instagram In Response To Ford Lawsuit

John Cena Posts A Photo On Instagram In Response To Ford Lawsuit

John Cena is a WWE professional wrestler and sometimes film star, but he's also a big vehicle aficionado, with a collection of both vintage and modern muscle cars and supercars that would be the envy of any garage; he's even got a blog on YouTube called John Cena: Auto Geek.

The lawsuit initiated by the company further claims that "Ford has suffered additional damages and losses, including, but not limited to, loss of brand value, ambassador activity and customer goodwill due to the improper sale"'. Marques like Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Ford heavily discourage buyers from flipping their cars, sometimes using contracts like the one Cena signed for the Ford GT. "Ford also has lost nearly two years of ambassadorship and brand value that Mr. Cena would have offered by owning the vehicle for the contractually required time", the complaint concludes.

Ford selected who could buy the 647-horsepower vehicle out of thousands of applicants, based on if they were past Ford buyers (Cena owns a 2006 Ford GT) or influencers (Cena is certainly a big star).

But after receiving the vehicle, he sold it for a big profit.

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The lawsuit also alleges that after Cena was informed of violating the contract, he responded, "I completely understand and as stated am willing to work with Ford to make it right".

According to the suit, Cena did tell the company he sold the auto - along with other assets - for "for cash to take care of expenses", per the lawsuit.

Ford wants Cena to fork over all the profits he made on sale as well as pay damages.

Ford Motor Company thinks John Cena couldn't see the terms of his contract.

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