No reported deaths due to dengue vaccine: Sanofi

No reported deaths due to dengue vaccine: Sanofi

No reported deaths due to dengue vaccine: Sanofi

About half the world's population is at risk of dengue and, according to WHO, about 96 million people are sickened by the viral infection every year.

The secretary said there haven't been any reports of severe dengue infection among those vaccinated, and he noted that the government would profile all those who received the vaccination and heighten its surveillance mechanisms. Ruby Dizon, a medical director at the French firm.

The move marks the second blow in a week to Sanofi's vaccine program after the Paris-based company on Wednesday said use of its new dengue vaccine will be strictly limited due to evidence it can worsen the disease in people who have not previously been exposed to the mosquito-borne virus.

For those who were not previously infected by the dengue virus, the analysis found that vaccination prevented severe illness for at least 30 months, Duque told reporters.

Within the Philippines, there are 200,000 cases of new infections of dengue fever reported each year.

However, the Sanofi presentation showed that at the longer term there is an increased risk of hospitalized and severe dengue in the vaccinated people without a prior dengue infection history. In severe cases, dengue can cause breathing problems, hemorrhaging and organ failure.

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He added: "The vaccination program is not a clinical trial and Pinoys are not guinea pigs".

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"We understand the concern of our people, especially the parents and the relatives of public elementary children residing in Regions III, IV-A, and NCR, where the dengue vaccination initiative was launched by the previous administration", Roque said.

Sanofi said it would ask health officials to update information provided to physicians and patients. Those at risk are some 70,000 children who were vaccinated. It can still help protect children who previously had Dengue fever.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II on Monday ordered the National Bureau of Investigation to look into possible criminal liability in the controversial P3.5-billion dengue vaccine project of the Department of Health.

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