Amazon Australia is live, Prime to launch in mid

Amazon Australia is live, Prime to launch in mid

Amazon Australia is live, Prime to launch in mid

"Focusing on customers and the long term are key principles in Amazon's approach to retailing", said Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager, Amazon Australia.

Its keenly anticipated entry into Australia's $300 billion retail market comes as traditional bricks and mortar retailers brace themselves for the impact of Amazon's arrival.

Customer orders will be processed at Amazon's new fulfilment centre in Dandenong South.

In what is a move certain to scare local retailers, they're offering free delivery on orders over $49 with a one-day service in some areas.

USA internet giant Amazon launched in Australia today in time for Christmas, with retailers scrambling to cut costs and boost their online offerings as they brace for an expected shake-up of the sector.

US Retail giant Amazon has launched its Australian website - but Australian shoppers have so far been underwhelmed.

However, in Tuesday's statement, the Seattle-based firm said it "expects" to launch Prime shipping benefits in Australia in mid-2018 - though it did not elaborate.

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Braeuniger said Amazon will create thousands of new jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia.

Keep an eye out for more deals as other retailers try to keep up.

"My main take away [from meeting United States retailers] was that Amazon's key advantage is that its strategy is driven by data, not gut feel, and the key source of this data is the Marketplace".

So despite predictions of rock-bottom prices, shoppers should still be wary of the total cost for Amazon Australia products after delivery fees are added on. "I think this may prove hard", Power said.

"Amazon had paid no taxes on retail in 23 years, they have never made a profit in retail in 23 years and they never will".

"By tapping into our global experience and decade of learnings, we are excited to help Australian brands and retailers thrive in what will be a new retail paradigm in our market", Fowler says. The result will be an ever-improving customer experience driven by the regular introduction of new products and services that we hope customers will love. They will be shipped from a warehouse in Melbourne. Small businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace globally have employed more than 600,000 people to support their Amazon activity.

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