Flu shot may bring only some protection this year: disease expert

Flu shot may bring only some protection this year: disease expert

Flu shot may bring only some protection this year: disease expert

It gives me no joy at all to announce this, but flu season is officially here - early.

The CDC says the virus is hitting faster than usual with cases already spiking in some regions of the south.

"Usually this time of year, we have about 18", Caloia said.

The NMDOH reported the first flu cases of the 2017-2018 season in mid-October. While the effectiveness of the flu vaccine can vary from year to year, it's the best way to prevent the virus as well as serious complications that can happen if you do become ill, including those that can result in hospitalization. That is about the same number of students who received vaccines a year ago and slightly less than 25 percent of the student body.

Flu season is expected to peak around Christmas.

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Of the 3,000 vaccines Public Health bought this year, 334 are still available. The CDC estimates that 40% to 50% of people who get vaccinated might still get the flu.

If you plan to get a flu vaccination in time to protect you during the Christmas holidays, you may be running out of time.

There are three types of flu: influenza A, B and C. Influenza A is the most risky and has lead to pandemics like "swine flu" or "bird flu", while B is usually much less serious, but can still be deadly.

The regular flu shot comes in versions that protect against either three or four strains of influenza - including that problematic H3N2 strain, another Type A strain known as H1N1, and one or two strains of Type B flu. The NMDOH also recommends that people ask their healthcare provider or pharmacist if they need the pneumococcal vaccine which can be given at the same time as flu vaccine. The very young, very old, and people with existing medical conditions are most at risk. The nasal spray vaccines are not being offered.

The vaccination program ended a couple of weeks ago, and in addition to adults getting their shots, 1,890 Campbell County students also received a flu shot, said Nachelle McGrath, Campbell County Healthcare Foundation executive director.

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