Net neutrality protests, coming to a Verizon store near you this Thursday

Net neutrality protests, coming to a Verizon store near you this Thursday

Net neutrality protests, coming to a Verizon store near you this Thursday

More than 20 million comments were submitted - but Schneiderman says many of them are fake. For decades, it has served as the medium by which many people around the globe have connected and learned from each other and in its wake, technology has expanded dozens of times over to facilitate these connections via email, instant messaging and now video calling.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has spent the past six months conducting an investigation into the fraudulent comments, and found that "hundreds of thousands" of comments may have impersonated New York residents, a violation of state law.

Schneiderman's office has launched investigation into alleged fraudulent comments filed with the FCC both for and against dismantling the rules, and found that up to a million of the 23 million total comments received by the FCC may be fraudulent.

The FCC acknowledges the problem but points out that numerous fraudulent comments come from people or groups who support the current net neutrality rules.

With no net neutrality your internet service prover could charge you separately for video, email, gaming, and social media which could be way more expensive than it is now.

But although we can all agree everybody needs water, the FCC thinks we no longer need an open internet, Rhodes said. "The FCC chairman and his staff have responded by stonewalling".

The spokesperson said that Schneiderman had not identified as fake any comments that were used as part of Pai's proposal.

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Without the FCC's help, the New York Attorney General's office recently launched a webpage that allows Americans to search the FCC comment system to find out whether their identities had been stolen.

"They just have to stop this vote", Schneiderman said at a press conference, Variety reported.

The FCC, composed of three Republicans and two Democrats, is widely expected to kill net neutrality in favor of what Pai and the Republicans call "light-touch regulation". However, earlier today, the FCC's Inspector General's office reversed course, indicating that it will assist with the Attorney General's investigation.

Last week, Schneiderman's office unveiled an online tool that helped people see if their names had been used without their knowledge on comments submitted to the FCC. If so, and if the FCC rolls back the net neutrality rules December 14, then neither the FTC nor the FCC will have the authority to regulate broadband providers.

Internet service providers now have to maintain equal access to all users of the internet.

-Craig Aaron, Free PressA coalition of over 40 consumer protection groups also called on the FCC to postpone its vote on repealing net neutrality in a letter to Pai on Monday, citing a pending court case that could ultimately "leave consumers at the mercy of internet service providers".

Schneiderman said his team "discovered lots of anecdotal evidence" that some of the comments left on the FCC website appeared to not be legitimate, which ultimately led to his office's investigation.

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