Head To Mercury In The Destiny 2

Head To Mercury In The Destiny 2

Head To Mercury In The Destiny 2

The sequel retained a majority of what made the first game such a big hit while eliminating the elements that turned players off. It's in order to prepare the game for the launch of Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC. The Tree of Probabilities Strike takes place in the Infinite Forest. The new single player (or co-op) campaign focuses on Osiris, an old warlock who was exiled from the last human city some time before the events of Destiny.

The Graviton Forfeit Exotic Hunter Helmet is an all-new exotic to Destiny 2, introduced in the latest expansion, Curse of Osiris. They ran out of content even more quickly than they had in the original Destiny.

Once you've beaten the introductory story mission for the expansion, (which should take right around 20 minutes), you'll have access to the brand new social hub area on Mercury, featuring Brother Vance as a new vendor. In addition to the new content, Bungie has also balanced the old content in a major patch. If you own either of the souped-up consoles, you can finally see the worlds of Destiny 2 as they were meant to be seen in full 4K.

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This month will see two more updates from Bungie and they have promised to release the update along with the Curse of Osiris on the 5th of December which will include a change on getting mods from Banshee that will also introduce specific Legendary mods along with Kinetic Weapons, but their lineups will differ nearly daily.

DESTINY 2's first expansion is almost upon us and it's bringing big changes to the game. Even more updates are expected to arrive on December 12th.

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