John Cena Posts Instagram Photo In Relation To Being Sued By Ford

John Cena Posts Instagram Photo In Relation To Being Sued By Ford

John Cena Posts Instagram Photo In Relation To Being Sued By Ford

In this case, it seems Cena was also contractually obligated to keep the Ford GT for two years before selling.

According to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Michigan, Cena was "selected from thousands of applicants for the opportunity to purchase the Ford GT".

Cena paid just north of $466,000 for a liquid blue coupe with "Dark Energy" interior and then sold it for a profit less than a month later breaking a clause in the contract with Ford that required him to own the vehicle for at least two years.

Despite buyers often putting down millions of pounds to acquire the latest rare supercar, they're "encouraged" by the makers to keep the auto for a "sensible" period of time, and if they don't they probably won't get the chance to buy anything similar again. Cena, who also had a 2006 Ford GT, was chosen out of about 7000 applicants to buy the auto, of which only 1000 units will be built.

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Supercar manufacturers like Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin have similarly begun cracking down on these profiteers, and often won't sell such buyers new cars again.

Cena for his part has apologized to Ford and promised to make things better.

It seems Cena took delivery of his auto in September, but sold it just a month later for an undisclosed - and we must assume fairly significant - profit. The auto manufacturer wants John Cena to turn in all the profits he made from selling the vehicle and additional money for damages.

"Ford's lawsuit said Cena's Application Programme appeal included the line, "[If] I were to be deemed fit for ownership I would most certainly use every vehicle of communication to let the world know about the auto, the brand, and the experience".

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