Calgary commemorates national day dedicated to preventing violence against women

Calgary commemorates national day dedicated to preventing violence against women

Calgary commemorates national day dedicated to preventing violence against women

Ella Thomson wasn't even born in 1989 when 14 women were killed at École Polytechnique, but she says learning about the tragedy was a sobering reminder of the violence women in non-traditional fields have faced.

On December 6, 1989, 14 women were killed by a gunman at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique.

"Every Albertan has the right to live without fear and violence". There has been no significant reduction of the problem.

Among those younger Canadians with bachelor's degrees or higher, five times as many men as women opt to follow a path toward science, technology, engineering or math, according to Statistics Canada's latest release.

People look at the memorial plaque in honour of the 13 students and one staff member killed during the Polytechnique Massacre on December 6, 1989. The prevalence of toxic attitudes and violent acts against women is deeply disturbing.

Too many continue to sanction sexist beliefs and attitudes that dehumanize women and paint them as weak and inferior.

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"They're stepping up and recognizing that gender-based violence is not okay", Keefer said. They are finding their courage-and everyone who has felt alone should be inspired by this newfound courage.

"It's a day of remembering those women ... but also really looking at the actions that we take now", Keefer said.

Consider a joke about harassment or consent. And yet, there is hope, hope for a future where people are respected, where violence is not accepted, where women and girls are secure, with the choice and opportunities to pursue their dreams. The problem is that joking about consent has become so commonplace, it reinforces the perception that disregarding consent is somehow socially acceptable.

He spoke about the group and how important the issue of women's safety is. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander. "But violence against women is still a very present-day problem, in both our countries".

"When gender-based violence is eradicated, we'll all be better for it".

Genevieve de Breyne-Gagnon is the advocacy coordinator for the Canadian Federation of University Women.

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