Obama talks at climate change summit as mayors sign charter

Obama talks at climate change summit as mayors sign charter

Obama talks at climate change summit as mayors sign charter

The Chicago Climate Charter, signed Tuesday, commits cities to carbon emissions reductions in line with the Paris accords. The U.S. won't technically back out until 2020 because of legal technicalities.

Dozens of mayors from around the world have signed a "Chicago Climate Charter" at a summit created to address concerns following President Donald Trump's rejection of the Paris climate accord.

Obama gave a speech to business leaders in the French capital on Saturday, describing what he said was the "temporary absence of American leadership on the issue".

Obama said despite President Donald Trump's plan to withdraw from the landmark United Nations agreement to limit the rise in global temperatures, the USA remained on track to meet its targets.

Obama pointed out that after his administration took steps to cut carbon emissions and signed on to the Paris climate accord "we saw the USA economy grow consistently".

During the UN climate change conference in Germany last month, some 20 USA states, 110 cities and more than 1,400 businesses - which they said represented a bigger economy than any nation outside the U.S. and China - pledged to honor the commitment made in Paris.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he's honored Obama will join the summit, which kicked off Monday evening and wraps up Tuesday.

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Washington, D.C. has set a goal of using renewables to meet 50% of its energy supply by 2032. In June, President Trump announced he was withdrawing the USA from the non-binding global agreement that aims to reduce carbon emissions worldwide.

The American economy's success comes down to environmental policies put in place during the Obama administration, said former President Barack Obama during a speech Tuesday as he jokingly thanked himself.

Emanuel has also highlighted investment into the city's mass transit system - the Chicago is in the midst of a several billion dollar modernization of effort of the Chicago Transit Authority - as well as and expansion of the city's bike sharing system in making the pitch on the livability of the city when pitching large corporations to relocate.

Emanuel agreed. "Where there is no EPA to police the polluters, we'll police the polluters", he said. Finding concrete solutions with experts to fight climate change is another stipulation on the charter.

The meeting was attended by 51 Mayors from the US, Canada, Mexico and France, Efe news reported.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says climate change can be solved by human action. "We have to ask, 'Is there a true commitment and what's the evidence of it?' So far we haven't seen it".

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