The Star Trek Episodes That Quentin Tarantino May Turn Into a Movie

The Star Trek Episodes That Quentin Tarantino May Turn Into a Movie

The Star Trek Episodes That Quentin Tarantino May Turn Into a Movie

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly working with J.J. Abrams on a new Star Trek movie for Paramount.

According to Deadline's sources, Tarantino pitched a Star Trek story to the current leader of the film franchise, JJ Abrams.

And according to Deadline, the studio is taking this seriously enough - who wouldn't when you have the chance to get Tarantino involved with the venerable franchise? - to convene a writers room to hear the director's idea and start to crank out a script. Should it work out, Tarantino may also take on directing duties, with Abrams - who is now prepping Star Wars: Episode IX - serving as producer.

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But Tarantino has worked on projects associated with existing franchises in the past, though that's been limited to television. He also made it clear he wasn't a fan of Star Trek: Into Darkness, which Abrams directed. Granted, that and "City on the Edge of Forever" are two of the most beloved episodes of Star Trek of all time, but it's interesting that Tarantino would drop the names of not one but two episodes about time travel. Tarantino noted that many classic Star Trek episodes could be "easily expanded" into a feature film, and he specifically mentioned the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" as one that could work on the big screen.

Tarantino is an admirer of Star Trek, and has included references to the series in his films; his 2003 thriller Kill Bill: Volume I begins by quoting "an old Klingon proverb". During an 2015 interview on the Nerdist podcast, Tarantino spoke favorably about the cast of the new films, which includes Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock. Huahua Media financed Star Trek Beyond in 2016.

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