Watch John Oliver Confront Dustin Hoffman Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Watch John Oliver Confront Dustin Hoffman Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Watch John Oliver Confront Dustin Hoffman Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

But Oliver didn't let go, and referred to the statement Hoffman released after the allegations surfaced: "You've made one statement in print. I hit him each time, hard, and told him he was a dirty old man". The actor shot back, "Well, there is a point in her not bringing this up for 40 years". "It's not reflective of who I am".

"Dustin's ABSOLUTELY vulnerable to misinterpretation", says this person, whom Hoffman once asked in 2000 to stay with him so that he would not be alone in a room with a female he was interviewing for a part.

Even though we disagree politically, I am a huge fan of John Oliver.

Oliver said Hoffman's responses fell short of community expectations.

Hoffman then urged Oliver to keep an open mind and pointed out that he "wasn't there", to which Oliver responded: "I'm glad". Importantly, the director of that film immediately came out and, despite knowing he would surely get backlash within the now extremely toxic environment, strongly defended Hoffman, saying that he remembers the situation very differently.

In response, Hoffman replied, "It's hard to answer that question".

The British comedian said he felt that Hoffman's apology saying his alleged conduct is "not reflective of who I am" was a feeble excuse.

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Reinstein said she believed the event would embolden other celebrity moderators to ask tough questions at future panels, not dissimilar to how the Weinstein scandal motivated a wide range of media outlets to chase stories about other alleged abusers. Two other women have also accused Hoffman, including a co-star who says he groped her on set, and a writer who says Hoffman inappropriately propositioned her during a pitch meeting. Oliver countered, "You said, 'I have the utmost respect for women and feel bad that anything I might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable situation".

"You also have the way men and women worked together [in the past]; you are in a situation where 'that was then, this is now, '" Rosenthal said. "Do you believe this stuff you read?" This conversation, as uncomfortable as it was, is exactly the kind of frank confrontation that needs to happen if this cultural moment of reckoning is going to move forward. "The easy way is not to bring anything up".

"And I'm [glad] I wasn't", the host replied. "That leads to me at home later tonight hating myself, asking, 'Why the fuck didn't I say something?"

DH: I was talking to my agent, my publicist: What do I do now? and they said what you cant do or what's not a good idea is that if you get into a dispute it lengthens the argument.

"I can't leave certain things unaddressed", the host said after stepping on the stage. "They didn't find me attractive and they just erased me".

Comedian John Oliver confronted Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman on stage about a sexual harassment accusation, offering an audience in NY on Monday a rare glimpse of a powerful man facing live questions about such an allegation.

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