Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video has finally landed on Apple TV

The Apple TV platform now supports Amazon Prime Video, thanks to a just-launched app.

It's also excellent news for Apple TV 4K owners as the addition of Amazon's streaming service means the library of 4K content available to them has increased significantly.

Features of the new app include the ability to add videos to Your Watchlist (viewable on compatible devices), and next episode Auto Play while streaming series. As of this morning, however, Apple TV is still not available on Amazon.

Non-Prime content, while searchable, cannot be bought through the app, but can be linked to your Amazon account for viewing through it.
. Interestingly, this also comes just hours after Google pulled YouTube from two of Amazon's devices, criticising the latter for not selling Google hardware on its e-commerce platform.

The Prime app can now be downloaded from the tvOS App Store, enabling Prime subscribers to enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows.

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But the Cupertino company counteracted the attack by omitting any shows offered by Amazon in its iOS 10.2 update that included the TV app for its Apple TV - and the two have been rivals since.

Apple originally said the Prime Video app would come to Apple TV and Apple's TV application sometime in the summer, and Amazon concurred with Apple's statement in a tweet.

Most notable, the Rocky movies are coming to Prime.

The arrival of Amazon's app on Apple TV suggest a significant improvement in relations between the companies and makes it more likely than ever that we could see the Apple TV return to Amazon store listings.

And, after Amazon's refusal to sell a number of Google device that could rival its own - including Google's Chromecast and the Home speaker - Google has retaliated by pulling YouTube from Amazon's devices.

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