Following mass shootings, House GOP votes to expand gun rights

Following mass shootings, House GOP votes to expand gun rights

Following mass shootings, House GOP votes to expand gun rights

The federal Gun-Free School Zones Act generally prohibits concealed carry in a school zone, which is defined as a distance of 1,000 feet from the grounds of a public, parochial or private school.

The House approved a Republican bill on Wednesday making it easier for gun owners to legally carry concealed weapons across state lines.

New Jersey has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the state and concealed carry permits are rarely or never granted to ordinary citizens.

Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-Conn., called the bill an attempt to undermine states' rights, "hamstring law enforcement and allow risky criminals to walk around with hidden guns anywhere and at any time". Many rural states have lax concealed-carry requirements that do not require specific training or a clean criminal record.

The latest bill, Schneiderman said, is a "lowest-common-denominator approach would undermine states' basic responsibility to protect our communities - including by determining who may carry a concealed, loaded gun within our borders". And under the law being pushed by the NRA right now, those individuals would be allowed to legally carry a weapon in NY. Though she initially faced a prison term, Allen was required to participate in a pretrial intervention program and was later pardoned by Gov. Chris Christie.

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North Country Congresswoman Elise Stefanik voted yesterday in favor of a measure that would allow people with concealed carry permits to cross state lines with their firearms. This is completely false.

Through the now existing system, states are free to issue their own concealed carry permits and choose which other state's permits they want to recognize.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, co-sponsored a bipartisan bill bolstering the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. No member of Massachusetts' all-Democratic House delegation voted for it.

The House bill now goes to the Senate. They were among 14 national Republicans to vote no on the bill. This country has the highest rate of gun ownership in the developed world.

Many New Jersey districts are a top priority for national Democrats looking to shift control of the House during the 2018 midterm elections. The bill requires a response to an appeal in no more than 60 days.

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