Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Releases Latest List of Safest Vehicles

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Releases Latest List of Safest Vehicles

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Releases Latest List of Safest Vehicles

Crash tests have been part of the IIHS's playbook for years to make sure drivers are protected, but this year it chose to add tests to see how well passengers are protected. "We've been doing small overlap frontal crash tests on the driver's side since 2012 and we've seen a lot of improvement on that side but we weren't seeing that kind of for passengers".

Vehicles the IIHS studied included small cars, midsize cars, large luxury cars, midsize SUVs and midsize luxury SUVs. The ultimate goal, however, was symmetric protection. It's a drop from past year - and the new crash tests are not the only reason why.

"Drivers expect that their passengers, who are often family, will be protected just as well as they are", IIHS President Adrian Lund said, according to Consumer Reports. "Manufacturers have been taking this issue seriously since we first shed light on it, and we're confident that good small overlap protection will become the norm on the passenger side, just as it has on the driver side".

Also relatively new are the headlight ratings, which were first instituted in March 2016, and the initial results were poor. "They want to be known as leaders of safety". The only two mid-size SUV's with top honors are the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. No minivans, pickups or minicars earn the highest award. Mercedes-Benz has two while Toyota, BMW, and Ford have one each.

This year, 62 vehicle models earned the institute's top safety pick award. Hyundai is the runner-up with nine. It was this test that caused the significant drop in the number of vehicles earning the top rating.

The Crosstrek, Impreza, Legacy, Outback and WRX were top performers in the test according to IIHS and received its "Good" rating. All but one of the seven vehicles in Subaru's lineup, the BRZ, qualified for one of the awards.

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"All automakers have pledged to make auto braking standard equipment on their vehicles by 2022", said Lund.

An exception is Toyota, which has equipped all but a handful of Toyota and Lexus models with standard autobrake and other advanced features.

As more 2018 models are tested, IIHS will expand the list. In addition to the 15 "Top Pick Plus" designees, there were 47 "Top Pick" vehicles.

But, even as it announces its top safety picks for 2018, an agency that evaluates vehicle safety says automakers can do even better. In order to meet the top ranking, and in some instances, simply being a "Top Pick", the vehicle must be upgraded. Over the years, IIHS has added to and strengthened criteria for both awards, pushing automakers to speed up safety advances. If the pattern holds, they'll have to score a good rating next year to make the 2019 list.

"The improvements in occupant protection have been fantastic over the past decades", he said in a statement.

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