Google Home Mini update brings back tap on volume button function

Google Home Mini update brings back tap on volume button function

Google Home Mini update brings back tap on volume button function

In terms of input, both the Google Home and the Google Home Mini are relatively simple devices.

Essentially, the top part of the Home Mini that acted as the area for these controls was far too sensitive and resulted in the speaker recording and sending audio back to Google 24/7.

Google has re-introduced the side touch feature of its Home Mini speakers via a new update though the top touch continues to be disabled.

If you are owning a Google Home Mini, then you might have faced some issues in functionalities of the device like the sudden crashing at maximum volume, the fabric issue and much more. These are all features which were previously working on touching the top of the Home Mini.

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The Google Home Mini is one-half of Google's flagship smart speaker line, the other half being the pricier Home Max.

It's good to see that Google hasn't given up on the issue and find an alternative way to keep the feature implemented without using the top touch control.

Here is something that users of the Google Home Mini would be rejoicing - the Mountain View company has come up with a new update that restores to some extent numerous touch functionalities that a previous update had removed. But top on the middle seems to be second-nature for users than pressing long on the sides. Google suggested the user of verbal commands like "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" to activate Google Assistant.

The update should begin rolling out to all Home Mini users soon. As mentioned before, the update is now in beta and rolling out to folks who enrolled in Google's preview program.

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