YouTube Prankster Cements Head Into Microwave

YouTube Prankster Cements Head Into Microwave

YouTube Prankster Cements Head Into Microwave

A YouTube star has left firefighters fuming after they were called to his aid following a mishap with a microwave.

The Pollyfilla mixture set faster than he expected, and his friends had to feed an air tube into his mouth to prevent him from suffocating, the Birmingham Mail reports.

His mates then poured it in around his head, which was protected by a plastic bag inside the appliance.

"We're seriously unimpressed", the department wrote on Twitter.

Firefighters in the United Kingdom criticized the social media prankster's behavior after they were called out to help free him from the "irresponsible" YouTube stunt that saw Swingler placing his head in a plastic bag in the microwave and then pouring seven bags of Polyfilla into the microwave oven, Sky News first reported.

West Midlands Fire Service said it took an hour for five firefighters to free the man after they were called to a house in Wolverhampton on Wednesday. The friends spent 90 minutes trying to free the man from the device but were unable to.

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Swingler and his friends upload videos of stunts such as these on a YouTube channel called TGFBro, which has over three million subscribers.

The fire department officers felt Swingler and his friends wasted almost an hour of their precious time, which could have been better spent dealing with a genuine case.

Crews from the technical rescue team helped with taking the microwave apart, he added.

After the man was rescued, the group involved in the stunt were very apologetic. "But we had to be extremely careful with the screwdriver, working so closely to his head", Dakin reported.

A YouTube prankster let fame go to his head and nearly lost his life after a stunt took a wrong turn on Thursday afternoon.

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