Box of children's bones found in Montana shed leads to mystery

Box of children's bones found in Montana shed leads to mystery

Box of children's bones found in Montana shed leads to mystery

After Michigan police learned about the discovery on Thursday, they contacted Missoula police and are now working with them on the investigation. That would just about fit the ages of the Skelton brothers when they went missing in November 2010; Andrew, Alexander and Tanner were 9, 7 and 5 years old when they last were seen.

The box of bones and teeth were stumbled across in Missoula, MT on September 27, 2017 by a cleaning crew who was in charge of cleaning out the property.

A professor from the University of Montana Anthropology Department confirmed that the remains are of three children, and estimated to be six-to-10 years old, five-to-eight years old and two-to-four years old at the time of death.

The public is also invited to a previously scheduled prayer service for the boys from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the former Delphi Methodist Church, 628 US 224 in Delphi, Ohio.

Local 4 has been in contact with detectives in Missoula and in MI.

MI state police took over the investigation in 2013.

Missoula police say they are seeking a person of interest but wouldn't identify the individual and said the person isn't a suspect.

"Loose teeth, there was what appeared to be bone from a lower jaw, and others that were not as specifically described, but I would call them pieces of bones", Missoula Police spokesman Sgt. Travis Welsh told KPAX. "There were also rocks in this box".

Missoula police sent the remains for DNA testing by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a federal clearinghouse for missing person records.

Local 4 has been in touch with members the Skelton family, but they didn't want to comment on the development until there's more information. Until this testing is completed and additional investigation by law enforcement in Montana occurs, it can not be determined if these remains belong to the missing Skelton brothers. They were never able to locate the mysterious child welfare organization which supposedly had custody-illegally-of the three children.

"We are processing it and hopeful that we will have answers soon", she wrote.

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"For months I have asked you to return Andrew, Alexander and Tanner". The three boys vanished from their home in Morenci.

Residents of this small Lenawee County city reacted with a renewed hope for closure Friday following another potential update in the 2010 case of three missing boys.

An Amber Alert was issued, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation came to town as massive searches spanning down through OH began.

Skelton used that old conviction as his reason for not providing any data whatsoever about the whereabouts of the boys. This part of the case is still a mystery.

She spoke with the Detroit Free Press shortly before a 2015 Thanksgiving Day candlelight vigil she organized in honor of her missing boys.

In the Skelton case, their father, John Skelton, was sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment of his children.

"I believe that John Skelton murdered those boys", the Morenci police chief told the AP. Then he claimed that he had taken the boys to an organization which protects children at risk.

Tanya Skelton, who now goes by Tanya Zuvers, was charged with fourth-degree criminal misconduct in the late 1990s for having sex with a 14-year-old boy. Skelton said she was now hurting his sons. She said Ms. Zuvers, even on a good day, clearly feels sadness and uncertainty. Always have, always will.

"I wonder, are they scared?"

It is too early to assume the recovered bones are connected, Ms. Gill said.

Zuvers said she's heartbroken that her sons haven't been found.

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