This feature may give Vivo the 'edge' over Samsung

This feature may give Vivo the 'edge' over Samsung

This feature may give Vivo the 'edge' over Samsung

It is also worth noting that both Apple and Samsung were rumoured at one point to incorporate in-screen fingerprint sensors in their flagship smartphones.

Vivo, a company whose name might not be familiar to you, is actually a top-five smartphone maker thanks to its large presence in Chine.

A few days ago, Synaptics announced that it's ready to mass-produce a fingerprint sensor that can be placed under the display of a smartphone, teasing that a top five smartphone maker is going to use the technology later this year.

Forbes reported that Synaptics has made an announcement with Vivo that is figured out how to integrate the fingerprint sensor in a smartphone display. Forbes contributor Patrick Moorhead has revealed it to be the latter scenario after he got to use a pre-production unit from Vivo and test Clear ID. This reflects the current trend in Apple, wherein the iPhone X had to drop the fingerprint sensor in order to utilize the full potential of the display.

And it sounds like the scanner might work well.

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While this is slightly different from how we unlock our phones now, Moorhead expects Vivo to improve the experience by only requiring users to lift to wake the device, so at that point, they can just place their finger on the glass to unlock it, without the need to press any other buttons. Supposedly twice as fast as Face ID, Clear ID reads the user's fingerprint from beneath the screen, all without interrupting anything displayed.

Overall, it looks like the Synaptics Clear ID technology is very reliable based on Moorhead's experience. The whole setup also uses the built-in accelerometer in the phone and other sensors to know when to activate the fingerprint reader and light up the appropriate part of the display. The company was ranked fifth in IDC's Q1 2017 report, as pointed out by The Verge.

After months of development, demos, and speculation, the world's first in-screen fingerprint sensor is finally coming to a smartphone you can buy. The company will be showcasing a live demo of the new in-display fingerprint sensor at CES 2018.

The Clear ID SF9500 sensor itself measures just 0.69mm in thickness and does not make smartphones significantly thicker.

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