Meteor flashes through ME sky, lights up social media

Meteor flashes through ME sky, lights up social media

Meteor flashes through ME sky, lights up social media

Viewers were left too dumbstruck to take photos on phones and cameras, but the white trail the meteor made was captured by the Mount Agamenticus Conservation Program in York, Maine.

"It's a great example that there's always something happening in the night sky". That was the case yesterday when a "golf ball-sized" meteor streaked across the New England sky, about 10 to 25 miles up and travelling at a speed of around 10 to 30 miles per second. The meteor is the bright flash that results from that process. He said that the last meteor shower occurred about 10 days ago and the next one is not until January.

While most meteors are the size of a grain of sand when they are part of a meteor shower, Hankey said this one is estimated to be roughly between the size of a softball and a basketball. But Janes said that the meteor likely burned up before hitting the ground and it was probably small. The Chelyabinsk meteorite that hit Russian Federation in 2013 was about ten metric tons and exploded before hitting the ground, creating an airburst that caused shockwaves and even a sonic boom.

The meteor also appeared to be out of range of aircraft.

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The ones that would do really serious damage are rare, but not impossible. These occur every day somewhere on the earth.

A meteoroid is a piece of debris that enters Earth's atmosphere, burning up as it does so.

Experts called it a "random meteor".

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