Flu deaths rise to seven in North Carolina

Flu deaths rise to seven in North Carolina

Flu deaths rise to seven in North Carolina

The visitor restrictions are in effect through the rest of the flu season, which can extend into early May, health officials said.

We have some bad news if you're one of the people who opted for a flu shot this year: It might not actually keep you from getting the flu.

Almost 1,000 influenza cases have been reported in Pima County so far this season through December 30 - 10 times more than the number of cases reported through December 31 past year.

Some of the cases have been severe where the patients required treatment in the intensive care unit, Saunders said.

The number of flu cases normally peaks here and elsewhere between January and February.

In its weekly "California Influenza Surveillance Report", the state's Department of Public Health announced at the end of December that the flu bug is "widely circulating in California". Antiviral medications (such as Tamiflu and other medications) can be prescribed by your regular health care provider or urgent care physician, Dean said, and are most effective if used within the first two days of infection. People should recover from normal flu within a week or so, although some symptoms like a cough can last longer. Officials will know more in a few weeks when a report on vaccine effectiveness is released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Salar in the Oregon District from a New Year's Eve weekend fire
Salar in the Oregon District from a New Year's Eve weekend fire

Hospitals in Collier County have seen an increase in emergency room visits for flu-like symptoms in the last two weeks, Julissa Cuthbert, a Collier health department spokeswoman, said. It is widespread in most states except for Michigan, Iowa, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont where localized cases are reported.

Yes, you should still get the flu shot even if it's not as effective, according to medical experts.

Vaishampayan has not conceded that this year's flu vaccine is ineffective. The vaccine is recommended for everyone six months and older, including pregnant women, according to the state health department.

Staff at each facility is urged to get the flu shot and if they begin to look sick, they will be sent home right away.

The H3N2 strain of the virus is now circulating in the United Kingdom and has caused deaths in Ireland. The vaccine also is available at many commercial pharmacies, including at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart; and grocery stores such as Publix and Winn Dixie.

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