SpaceX to launch Zuma spacecraft, most secretive mission to date

SpaceX to launch Zuma spacecraft, most secretive mission to date

SpaceX to launch Zuma spacecraft, most secretive mission to date

The exact time of the launch has yet to be set, though SpaceX has set a two-hour window beginning at 12 AEDT.

This weekend, SpaceX plans to launch a US government payload, and, before the end of the month, the company is planning a test flight for what will be the world's most powerful rocket.

Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla, has said there is a good chance the new rocket could blow up, thus his own personal property will be the payload on top: his Tesla Roadster.

It's still unclear where the Zuma mission will be heading.

The Falcon 9 rocket's reusable first stage will attempt a controlled landing at Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

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But now conditions for the mysterious mission are 80-percent go, weather-wise, in Florida. While this would not be the first time for SpaceX to launch a mission to space, with some also being confidential, this is the first time that even its client is unknown.

Elon Musk's SpaceX is set to once again launch its mysterious Zuma mission January 5, after it was pushed back last November. All that is publicly known about the Zuma payload is that it is a satellite manufactured for the United States government by Northrop Grumman, and it is bound for low-Earth orbit.

About 8 minutes later, the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket came in for a lovely night landing at a launch pad back at the Cape. The Zuma landing marks SpaceX's 21st successful landing. But Sunday's launch is perhaps the company's most secretive yet. The rocket was rolled to the launch pad for tests in late December, and a critical static firing of its 27 engines should come within a week or so of the Zuma mission.

The launch window for the Falcon 9 rocket opens at 8 p.m.

Launch attempt of SpaceX Zuma mission.

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