Pinnacle Ridge Processors Not Coming Next Month After All

Pinnacle Ridge Processors Not Coming Next Month After All

Pinnacle Ridge Processors Not Coming Next Month After All

Lastly, AMD told attendees to expect Zen 2 in 2019 using a new 7nm process. Second-generation Ryzen CPUs using the 'Zen+' architecture and a 12nm manufacturing process are already being sampled and will begin shipping in April 2018.

Prior to this, the AMD Ryzen 2 was expected to arrive in February as it was indicated in a leaked roadmap of the manufacturer, but it turns out the company needs more time.

Don't expect any extra cores being squeezed into the new Ryzen 2 family, however. Below is AMD's roadmap for Zen desktop processors. "The area is not going to change much, but the ability for us to manipulate the frequency voltage curve has improved". Intel doesn't have any chips in its current generation that match these directly, as in many cases they have similar clock speeds but more cores and threads, and that makes a direct evaluation hard. Zen 2 will be built on Global Foundries' 7nm process. While the Ryzen CPUs were excellent at heavily-threaded workloads, they typically fell behind the competing Intel CPUs at single-threaded tasks. With the previous version of Precision Boost, even if these other threads were barely ticking over, it would be enough to nix the auto-overclocking and would immediately drop the 1000-series Ryzen chips down to their base clockspeeds. This allows for transparent secure memory encryption (which AMD says is a first in commercial notebooks), which can be used on the OS or applications without additional software changes or a major performance impact; a secure boot process, so your laptop is protected as soon as you power it on; and securing storage of trusted applications and real-time intrusion detection.

In short, it ought to give us higher boosted clockspeeds in-game.

AMD has just announced a massive price cut across most of its Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, with the new prices set to sell the rest of these Zen CPUs like hot cakes. The Threadripper 1900X gaming chip, with eight cores and 16 threads, for example, is moving from $549 to $449, and the Ryzen 7 1800X sees an even more dramatic drop: from $499 to $349. All newly announced desktop CPUs will use the same socket AM4 as the first-generation Ryzen models, but specific motherboard compatibility will depend on the presence of video outputs for the onboard graphics.

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But the pricey system required an equally pricey PC, and the cable attachments between the two made for a clunky experience. The Vive Pro and the wireless adaptor are two features that may help foster more interest from mainstream consumers.

Another unique aspect with the new Ryzen 3 and 5 APUs is that they are fully compatible with the 3-series motherboards already in service. They are not too far away nonetheless.

The chips include accelerated processing units (APUs), or desktop chips with both Ryzen processors and Radeon Vega graphics built into them in a combo chip.

But what exactly are the 400-series board going to offer? Although we didn't receive all the details on processor SKUs, performance improvements or pricing, but we did get a launch window: April 2018. Considering some of the early growing pains with the AM4 platform, the new chipset may help to further improve performance, stability, and features.

All of the U-series models are paired with integrated Vega graphics cards, but more interesting to power users is AMD's unveiling of the first discrete GPUs for laptops based on the Vega architecture.

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