Volkswagen, Uber to deploy Nvidia's technology for self driving

Volkswagen, Uber to deploy Nvidia's technology for self driving

Volkswagen, Uber to deploy Nvidia's technology for self driving

We haven't quite reached the age of self-driving cars being the norm, but Nvidia just might have figured out a way to get us there faster.

A year after unveiling the Xavier autonomous machine intelligence processors, Nvidia has now started shipping the Xavier processors to customers this quarter. These "mobility-as-a-service" fleets-a system VW Group is now developing-will initially include smaller self-driving vehicles that people can hail as well as larger vans.

In reaction, Wall Street's top analyst B.Riley FBR analyst Craig Ellis reiterated a Buy rating on Nvidia shares, with a price target of $270, which represents a potential upside of 22% from where the stock is now trading.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, said at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) technology conference in Las Vegas that Uber's self-driving auto fleet was using their technology to help its autonomous cars perceive the world and take precise decisions in a fraction of seconds. "Autonomous driving, zero-emission mobility, and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning".

Uber will be using Nvidia Drive hardware to experiment with fully autonomous taxi vehicles (no more details than that at present) while VW will be using AI and Nvidia's new Drive Xavier hardware to develop an AI-based co-pilot in the I.D.

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A parcel delivery van, for example, would prioritise load space, while a ride-sharing auto would be given seating. Proponents contend the technology will reduce congestion and improve highway safety, among other things.

It's also been working with Volkswagen, one of the world's largest vehicle makers. "Combining the imagination of Volkswagen with NVIDIA, the leader in AI technology, enables us to take a big step into the future". Jensen Huang, Chief Executive of Nvidia, made an announcement about the two new platforms with his CES keynote address.

Nvidia's technology will allow Uber vehicles to "sense" the world and to make split second decisions according to Reuters. And the company's also adding a few marquee names to its list of self-driving technology customers, including Uber and VW.

U.S. chipmaker Nvidia kickstarted the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 by unveiling the autonomous machine intelligence processor that will be at the heart of its over 320 self-driving collaborations. It's already working with the likes of electric vehicle pioneer Tesla and China's Baidu.

Volkswagen announced that it will use Nvidia's Drive IX platform to build in features like gesture control, natural language processing, facial recognition, and more.

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