We Are Blood in critical need of Type O blood

We Are Blood in critical need of Type O blood

We Are Blood in critical need of Type O blood

In North Carolina alone, 23 blood drives were cancelled or closed early due to last week's winter storm, with almost 600 uncollected donations.

UB faculty and staff can help overcome a critical blood shortage due to the recent severe winter weather by taking part in Red Cross blood drives being held this month on the North and South campuses.

A "perfect storm" of sorts has put a major crimp in the blood supply, both across the country and right here in Minnesota.

Todd Kulman - with the Red Cross of MI - says the severe winter weather over the past few weeks has been a major cause of the shortage, along with high levels of sick people during this cold and flu season.

Extreme winter weather, seasonal illnesses and the busy holiday season contributed to more than 28,000 fewer #blood donations in Nov. & Dec.

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The agency also needs type O negative blood, which is a universal blood type that anyone can receive. Platelets are primarily used in the treatment of patients undergoing chemotherapy. They have to be transfused within five days, Lewis said.

"It's an important blood type for emergency situations", Lewis said.

And it will support a nationwide effort to boost donations, as January is National Blood Donor Month. Students can donate once they're 16 years old and a lot of blood comes from high schools. There's also a Blood Donor App.

Central Blood Bank has been this area's nonprofit community blood provider for more than 60 years, and serves patients in 50 hospitals in the Pittsburgh region, including nine western Pennsylvania counties and communities throughout West Virginia and eastern Ohio.

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