5 more flu-related deaths reported Dallas County, 3 in Tarrant County

5 more flu-related deaths reported Dallas County, 3 in Tarrant County

5 more flu-related deaths reported Dallas County, 3 in Tarrant County

There were 1,750 new flu-associated hospitalizations in OH during the first week of January. There have been 3,854 flu hospitalizations reported in Ohio. The dominant influenza A strain is H3N2, a subtype of influenza A, viruses which tend to cause more severe disease in the very young and the elderly.

The influenza is in its peak months in January and February, and, during the last week of 2017, "influenza activity increased sharply in the United States", the CDC said. More than 400 people have died from the flu around the country.

While no vaccine is a 100-percent guarantee the receiver will not get sick, health departments are recommending the shot anyway because it should lessen the severity of the symptoms no matter what strain you get, he added. "You can still get the flu, no vaccine is flawless".

"Everybody should get their flu vaccination and try to avoid contact with people who may be sick", Manrique said.

Nash also said the flu season started late last year and early this year and also urged people to get a flu shot to help battle the illness.

A study in Australia found the current flu vaccine was only 10 percent effective against one particular flu strain, known as Influenza A, H3N2. H3N2-dominant flu seasons are associated with more severe illness, especially among children and older adults. One factor is invincibility, where people never had the flu or gotten a flu shot, which makes them believe they don't need one.

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People exhibiting symptoms of the flu are encouraged to first call or visit their primary care providers or urgent care clinics.

An unusually bad flu season predicted by some experts hasn't hit the Brantford area.

Public health officials are also urging those who are sick to stay home, and for employers to allow workers to take days away when they're ill. She says free vaccines are available at the Health Department on W. Central, as supplies last.

In addition to vaccination, public information officer Alexandra Reed said consistent hand washing and staying home if you are sick are the keys to preventing the virus' spread.

Flu symptoms can come on suddenly with a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache and fatigue, though not everyone with the flu runs a fever, Rohler noted.

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