Celeno delivers 802.11ax Wi-Fi solution

Celeno delivers 802.11ax Wi-Fi solution

Celeno delivers 802.11ax Wi-Fi solution

Every device these days depends on Wi-Fi, and a new standard the Wi-Fi Alliance is working on should make it more reliable.

Next year (2019 in case you still think that we're in 2017), the current 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard will be replaced by the new 802.11ax that will offer faster internet speeds. And while Intel's Wi-Fi chips are used in Arris routers - which are used by Comcast, so they're inherently pretty popular - Intel isn't almost as big in the connectivity space as some of the other chip companies, so this availability isn't necessarily going to be what gets the ball rolling.

Any household with lots of devices connected to a central router would benefit from 802.11ax, as well.

Apart from Intel, several other WiFi chipset vendors are expected to announce 802.11ax based chipsets at CES next week. Besides running data at faster speeds than the current standard, 802.11ax is created to improve internet connectivity in public areas where many different devices connect to a particular hotspot. Now multiple routers are more common, and the Wi-Fi Alliance has begun work to let multiple network devices cooperate automatically so the data gets where it needs to be without our having to manually link this phone to that router and that light bulb to that one.

Designs based on Intel's 802.11ac infrastructure chipset - the Intel Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV 500 Series - can upgrade to 802.11ax with no change to the host SoC, and additionally, Intel has said that its new 802.11ax home Wi-Fi chipsets will offer backward compatibility with older Wi-Fi technologies to support a wider range of client devices.

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Companies are able to come out with Wi-Fi products before certification (Asus has already announced a router), but most wait for the standard to be finalized.

Even once certification arrives for 802.11ax next year, don't expect to take advantage of it for a little while.

Product certification is the process that pushes industry to commit to a standard, and it will happen next year.

Intel is getting a head start on the eventual transition to 802.11ax.

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